The Master track Science of Intelligence provides an ideal learning experience for future SCIoI researchers. It offers training on intelligence-related topics (perception, reasoning, learning, etc.) from the complementary perspectives of computer science and psychology. This prepares Master's students for bridging synthetic and analytic disciplines. The experience gained in this training program will inform the design of the SCIoI curricula for the Master's program.


If you are already enrolled as a Master Student in Computer Science at TU Berlin have a look at the curriculum which focusses on SCIoI-related topics.




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We provide a more detailed description of how to be part of the SCIoI Master's Track.


Find our about the prerequsites to study SCIoI.


Find out about psychology as the required application-oriented studies and learn from former student's experiences.


You are studying psychology and want to find out how to learn about SCIoI? We havea list of courses that might be of interest for you.


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